I made this Polaroid photograph (Figure 10-6-a) as a teenager over 40 years ago. It has historical value because it's a portrait of the world-famous physicist, Dr. Richard P. Feynman with a mustache, a short-lived "look" for the brilliant scientist. For this reason, I wanted to make minimal changes to this photograph when I restored it in order to avoid obscuring or altering some detail that might be of importance to a future viewer.

The Polaroid has turned yellowish where the lacquer overcoat didn't sufficiently protect the silver from oxidation , but that hasn't yet gotten so bad that it seriously reduces densities

I eliminated the yellowing with a careful scan and erased the few scratches and white spots. Next, I adjusted the tonal placement to better bring out the shadow and highlight details. Finally, I minimized the grain with special filters. The result looks better than the original photo ever did.

A complete description of how I performed this restoration is in my book, Digital Restoration: Start to Finish.

(Time to restore: approximately two hours.)

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