Errata, Updates and Amendations to DIGITAL RESTORATION, 2nd Edition.


Excerpts from
"Digital Restoration
from Start to Finish"
by Ctein
(first edition)

Welcome to the supplemental content page for DIGITAL RESTORATION, 2nd Edition.

I'm offering these excerpts for free, no strings attached. In return, please respect my rights; I put in a LOT of work writing this! This material is copyright by me and Elsevier (my publisher). You can download it for your own personal use, but you cannot redistribute it in any form. That means no reposting to your web site, no putting it out there as a torrent, no copying it to a friend, no emailing it to a co-worker.

If you want others to see these excerpts, you can send them the URL or link back to this page from your website/blog with my blessings. But, folks have to come here to get this material, OK?

The Acrobat (PDF) files here are taken directly from the layout file for the first edition of DIGITAL RESTORATION. This is material I removed to make room for new content in the second edition. You'll find it's still as useful, for the most part, as when I wrote it.

Now a few authorial comments:

I completely rewrote the Software and Examples chapters for the new edition, so the files here present those chapters in their entirety (the 2nd edition of the book has completely different software reviews and examples).

The other five files are subsections of chapters that I cut from the second edition. In some cases, I've done some minor editing of the pages to make them more readable. Don't worry if there seem to be pages or illustrations missing-- that would be material that addresses other topics that I removed for clarity's sake.

More recent versions of Photoshop provide better ways of stitching scans together, but users of other/older programs will find the methods here very helpful.

Photoshop Duotone still works well; I just think it's way too difficult to master and more than what most restorers need.

My methods for repairing stained or torn negatives or improving copy prints are also still good.

Any questions? Email me.

pax / Ctein


re: page xix ~ Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints, by James M. Reilly, is back in print. Temporarily, at least. Don't put off ordering a copy.

re: page 73 ~ The URLSs for the Polaroid Dust & Scratches Removal tool have changed. Alphatracks has the new URLs at the bottom of this page. Thanks, Alphafolks!

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