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Digital Restoration From Start to Finish

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Here's where you'll find the links to sample photographs you can practice restoration techniques on.

Before you grab any of these files, please remember that they are NOT in the public domain. The photographs are all the personal property of folks who generously agreed to allow them to be used in my book. They graciously gave permission for me to post them here so that you, my readers, could download them to practice restoration techniques. Those are the only permissions they've given. You may not reproduce, redistribute or reuse these photos, or any work you derive from them (that includes your restored versions of them). In particular, you cannot post these photos (or restorations) on any other web site, you can't send copies to friends, nor can you use them as part of your own work.

Please don't abuse the donors' generosity. It was very kind of them to make their photos available to you. They will greatly appreciate you respecting that kindness.

I would like to thank those wonderful folks who provided these personal and family photographs: Dan Becks, Scott Brock, Grace Butler, Tee Corinne, Howard Davidson, Jules Dickinson, Bayla Fine, John Fleshin, Sarah Goodman, Bill Jemison, Ericka Johnson, Stuart Klipper, Laura Majerus, Clyde McConnell, Ron Mowry, Jane Reber, and Carol Everhart Roper. You have my deepest appreciation!


Sample photos from Cover and Chapter 1

Sample photos from Chapter 3 (Previous Software Reviews)

Sample photos from Chapter 4

Sample photos from Chapter 5

Sample photos from Chapter 6

Sample photos from Chapter 7

Sample photos from Chapter 8

Sample photos from Chapter 9

Sample photos from Chapter 11

Sample photos from Chapter 12

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