"Digital Restoration
from Start to Finish"
3rd Edition

by Ctein

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Supplement Links

sample photographs on which you can practice restoration techniques

Chapter 3 ~ Software Reviews

Chapter 6 ~ How to Repair a Stained Color Negative

Chapter 8 ~ How to Repair a Torn Negative

Chapter 9 ~ How to Stitch Scans Together

Chapter 11 ~ Examples

Chapter 12 ~ Photoshop Duotone and Photokit Print Toning

Software Reviews

AKVIS Coloriage

Asiva Selection

Color Mechanic



Digital GEM Pro

Digital GEM Pro Airbrush

Digital ROC Pro

Fluid Mask 3

Focus Magic

FocusFixer v2

Image Doctor

Mask Pro

Neat Image Pro+

Noise Ninja



Photoshop CS2 & CS4

Photoshop Elements 6/7

PhotoTune 2

Picture Window Pro v4 & v5

PixelGenius PhotoKit

PixelGenius PhotoKit Sharpener

Polaroid Dust & Scratches Removal

Profile Mechanic Monitor


1 ~ Repairing an Old Glass Plate

2 ~ Repairing Color with a Good Scan

3 ~ Mother and Child - A "Legacy" Restoration Job

4 ~ A Faded E-1 Slide

5 ~ Reassembling an Astronomical Glass Plate

6 ~ A Rare and Historic Old Polaroid

7 ~ Fixing a Photocopied Halftone

8 ~ Restoring an Almost-Blank Photo

9 ~ Restoring a Very Old and Large Print

10 ~ Restoring a Very Yellowed B&W Snapshot

11 ~ Restoring Faded Color Snapshots


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